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ACTIVE! Fit-N-Spin Set

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Students take the lead by spinning the wheel to choose their next move!

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Spice up the day’s activities and put students in control of the next item on the agenda with an assortment of kid’s fitness games. Have them spin the wheel and wherever it lands is the activity they’ll be participating in. A number of different templates put the focus on all things fitness- and nutrition-related, to spur interest in critical concepts. Durable materials can stand up to consistent use in institutional settings.

Random Activities

As soon as the wheel spins, there’s no telling where it’ll end up until it stops! While it’s spinning students will need to be on their toes—the next activity is determined by whatever the arrow is pointing to. It’s a great way to add excitement and anticipation to your class, to keep students from lulling or losing focus in the lesson. Most other "variety" type fitness activities involve dice, which makes a spinner wheel all that more appealing and a whole other level of fun!

The same pack or set can work for a large class or any smaller setups as well, with no minimum or maximum number of users required to spin. This makes it applicable for virtually any setting, be it a full class or a small group.

Multiple Templates

You’re not limited to the current activities on the wheel. In fact, wheels can be changed out to a number of different categories that encompass core focuses of your PE curriculum. Templates options include:

  • Health Related Fitness
  • Sport Stations
  • Skill Related Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Locomotor Skills

With all of these focuses—which include both physical activity and nutritional health—there’s a myriad of different game options that could be chosen by the wheel. You have control over the topic, but the wheel does the rest in picking the specific activity. In changing out different focuses each day, you’ll quickly cover the entire gamut of health.

Using nutrition for example: the red board has fruit related questions, the orange board is grain related, the green board is vegetables, etc. Colors apply to all templates and correspond to various fun filled activities.

Durable Materials

This spinner functions on the wall, on the ground, or sets into convenient metal stand for versatile use anywhere you might be teaching, be it in a gym, classroom, or outside.

The templates themselves are made of the same material as circuit cards, which won't crease if bent. Templates snap in via a mushroom plug to stay secure when they’re installed and make them easy to remove when it comes time to change cards.

Fit-N-Spin™ Options

Fit-N-Spin™ is available in packs. Spinners, stands, and templates also sold separately.

  • Rainbow® Pack. Includes 6 spinners and all 6 templates.
  • Blue Pack. Includes 1 spinner and all 6 templates.
  • Spinners and Stand
    • Rainbow® Spinners, Set of 6
    • Individual Blue Spinner
    • Individual Stand
  • Template Sets
    • Health Related Fitness, Set of 4
    • Sport Stations, Set of 5
    • Skill Related Fitness, Set of 6
    • Nutrition, Set of 6
    • Locomotor Skills, Set of 7
    • Blank Templates, Set of 3


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