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Classic ladder ball game is fun for all ages and skill levels.

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Simple, yet fun tailgate games, ladder ball is easy to learn and will provide students with hours of fun. Toss the ladder balls on any of the targets' 3 crossbars for points! Ladder ball rules are easy to follow. Each crossbar is worth a different point value, increasing strategy and allowing for variations of this game. Sturdy PVC targets assemble easily and can be used indoors or out. Lightweight design allows for easy transport.

Improve Critical Skills

Ladder ball helps keep students happy and entertained, while also teaching them critical skills. First and foremost, hand/eye coordination is central to the game as students toss bolos at the rungs of their opponents’ ladders. Throwers will need to adjust their force, angle, and loft to make sure they hit the rung they need to earn points, which boosts critical thinking and problem solving skills as well.

This game requires students to add and subtract points as they’re earned or lost, encouraging quicker math skills and a more positive association with arithmetic. Moreover, strategy is required as students approach the winning score of 21—they’ll need to hit specific point values to ensure they hit the mark and don’t go past it!

Easy to Play at Any Age

The setup and premise of ladder ball rules are simple, making it a great introductory tossing game for students that can be started in mere minutes. Targets are easy to move, meaning they can be placed at appropriate lengths depending on student proficiency levels, with the game starting as soon as the ladders are aligned.

To play, students stand behind their frame (each frame creates an invisible fault line), and aim underhanded bolo tosses at their opponent’s ladder. The starting player on team 1 throws a bolo from behind the frame, aiming for the 3 tiers on the opponent’s frame. The starting player on team 2 then throws a bolo from behind their frame. Players continue to alternate turns until all 3 of their bolos are thrown. Points are tracked during each round of play and throwers alternate each round. The number of rounds depends on how long it takes a team to score 21 points. If a team exceeds 21 points during a round, their score drops back to 15 points.

For teachers, included instructions are broken up into Equipment, Set Up, Gameplay, Scoring, and Options. This provides an overview for any and all questions that may arise, and gives teachers insight into how they can best tailor the game for any age group. Instructions also offer 5 ways to change up your gameplay to keep things fresh, including awarding a bonus point for ringing all 3 bolos in a single round, for example.

Quality Equipment

Bolos are constructed with 2 weighted plastic ends and fused together with a piece of nylon rope. Targets are made with strong PVC that does not flex or bend, allowing bolos to wrap around each tier of the ladder without rocking off or shaking free. Targets also feature a nice wide base that prevents tipping and wobbling during play—especially outdoors on grass or other uneven surfaces.

Complete Set includes 2 targets (1 ea red, blue, 24”L x 24”W x 36”H each), 6 bolos (3 ea red, blue), and activity instructions. 

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