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Juggling Beanballs Set

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Dense beanballs make every juggler feel like a pro!

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Ball-shaped beanbags are dense and easily fit in palms for a positive juggling experience. Brightly-colored fabric has a slightly tacky texture, providing a solid grip for fewer mistakes. Stuffed with plastic pellets, these balls will not roll away if dropped. Available in Sets of 3 or 36 in Junior (2-1/4" dia) and Standard (2-3/4" dia) sizes.

Promote Focus and Coordination

As students juggle or play catch with beanballs, they need to be able to keep a close eye on the flight path. The bright colors and easy-to-see panel design enhances tracking and reaction time. Tacky design improves handling so students can focus on the task at hand, instead of worrying about slipping or missing the ball while tossing and throwing.

Wide-Ranging Activities

Though designed primarily for juggling, teachers can easily use beanballs in a variety of PE and classroom games. Have students partake in individual juggling challenges, or pair them up for partner juggling to add an element of cooperation. Beanballs also make a great addition to relay events.

Juggling Beanball Options

  • Junior, 2-1/4" dia
  • Standard, 2-3/4" dia


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