Juggling Cubes

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Soft fabric beanbag cubes are fun to toss and catch, won't roll away.

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Juggling bean bags offer a great way for students to get familiar with this skill, which requires a superior level of hand/eye coordination, quick reflexes, and timing abilities. Juggle cubes are easy to handle because of their defined shape, and they won’t roll away even when dropped. Soft to the touch, they’re a premier option for teaching juggling!

Smart Design

Cubes are a great intermediate option for juggling—use them as a transition between scarves (beginner) and small balls (advanced), to bridge the gap and build student confidence. The cube shape offers a more tactile grip for students, allowing them to focus on their timing instead of concentrating hard on handling. Plus, even if dropped, cubes won’t roll or bounce away!

Friendly Construction

Made with soft fabric and reinforced with stitching, the construction of juggle cubes feels comfortable and natural in the hands of students. 4 oz lightweight design also keeps them easy to handle and prevents accidental injuries that might otherwise arise with heavier objects. This natural feel keeps students focused on the objective, instead of worrying about repercussions.

Thanks to their versatile construction, cubes can be used beyond juggling as well. Use them in place of bean bags for most activities. Catching and tossing activities benefit tremendously from cubes, and gameplay can be controlled thanks to the non-moving nature of the cubes if they’re dropped or missed.

Juggling Cube Options

Juggling Cubes are available in sets.

  • 3-Cube Set. Includes 1 ea Green, Yellow, and Pink.
  • 36-Cube Set. Includes 12 ea Green, Yellow, and Pink.