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ACTION!™ Rahi-Ball™ Set


Action-packed and strategy-driven, Rahi-Ball™ is like no other game your students have ever played!

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Based on a New Zealand Maori tribal game called Ki-o Rahi, Rahi-Ball™ is a large team strategy game that focuses on teamwork and tactics. The playing field consists of a center goal, a defensive circle, an offensive circle, and a neutral zone with 7 Rahi-Ball™ blue marker posts. Score by throwing the ball into the goal or tapping a marker with the ball.

Strategy-Driven Excitement

Your entire class will love playing these strategy games for PE! The game is set up with a circle with a goal in center, and an inner and outer circle around the goal. The inner circle is 10' on each side of the goal and the outer circle is 15' from the goal. The 7 Rahi-Ball™ Markers are evenly spaced outside the perimeter of the outer circle. Students are divided into 2 equal teams and designated a color.

Players begin these strategy games with 3 matching flags attached to their belt. Assign 1 team as offense and the other as defense. Players on defense can play in the inner circle and outside the outer circle. Only 3 defensive players can be in the inner circle at a time. Offensive players can be in all areas except the inner circle. Offensive players attempt to tap the Rahi-Ball™ Ball on the makers without having a flag removed or to make a goal in the center goal. Players in the outer circle may only have possession of the ball for 5 seconds before attempting a goal or passing to a team member. Team members who lose all of their flags will play only defense. A tap on the Rahi-Ball™ pole is 1 point and a basket is 2 points. The first team to score 10 points or the team with more points after a predetermined amount of time wins.

Quality Components

Every pack includes all the equipment you need to get your class involved for the whole period. Each flag belt measures 30” x 44”, a larger than normal side to make them slightly easier to grab. Each belt features 3 flags, which are available in blue and yellow. The belt itself is made with a durable nylon webbing, and the flags of PVC, which ensures they’ll last for years of gameplay.

Cone poles slide into the cones, making them easy to set up. The goals measure 40”D and have a 1.75” diameter. Their legs telescope for easy storage, which also means their height is adjustable (to 30”, 35” or 40”).

Complete Set includes 24 flag belts, 1 goal, 2 balls, 7 markers with vinyl cones, 1 VersaBag™ Mesh Bag, and activity instructions.


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