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Rainbow® BigTop™ Bucketz™


Try for the prize of bragging rights when you land each ball in its bucket during this target toss game!

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Get the balls in the buckets as fast as you can during these tossing games for PE! A unique and portable 2-piece base includes notches to connect 6 Rainbow® Bucketz™ for a variety of tossing and timing games. Connect the pieces to create one long row of Bucketz™ or use them as 2 separate bases for players and teams to compete against each other in a fun bucket toss game.

Class Involvement

The classic carnival-style games in this set focus on getting all students in a class involved with little down time. In Classic Bucketz™, players aim to have the most points at the end of the round. Players take turns approaching the buckets attached to the base, trying to throw a beanbag ball into the first bucket. The player continues down the line of buckets until missing 1 or if all buckets have a beanbag ball. The player with the most points at the end of a predetermined numbers of rounds wins!

Durable Buckets and Bases

The buckets and bases each feature one-piece roto-molded design, made of polyethylene plastic. This durable design helps them stand up to years and years of use. Tabs on the bottom allow them to twist and lock in place on the base, helping the buckets stay in a perfect line even upon impact.

Each set includes all of the equipment needed for each of these Bucketz™ games: buckets, bases, beanballs, and activity instructions.

Exclusive Games

All of the exclusive games included in the activity instruction involve getting balls into buckets quickly and accurately.

The goal of Split Level Bucketz™ is to be the first team to toss all 3 beanballs into their corresponding bucket. Place the 2 Bucketz bases parallel to each other about 2’ apart. Divide your class into two equal teams. On the signal, players on each team take turns tossing the beanbag balls into the corresponding colored buckets. If the player misses the bucket, they must perform an exercise before throwing another beanball. The team to first get their 3 beanballs into the matching buckets first wins.

In 21 Bucketz, students work together as a team to reach the score of 21 without going over. Divide the class into 3 teams and attach 3 buckets to each base. Each team has a line of scrimmage separating them, which is 10'L. The bucket bases are set up on opposite ends of that line. Teams play next to their opponent’s bucket station. Players on each team take turns tossing the beanbag balls into their buckets at the end of the playing area. Points are as follows: the farthest bucket is 3 points, middle is 2 points, and closest is 1 point. If teams go over 21, they are moved back to 15 points and start over.


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