Rainbow® Coated-Foam Dice

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Versatile, high-quality dice in bright Rainbow® colors for endless fun!

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Introduce large foam dice into virtually any activity to take student enjoyment to the next level! Dice introduce random chance, which can put a twist on rules or add a brand new segment to gameplay. Tough design makes dice impervious to institutional conditions.

Great for Any Activity

It’s easy to put a twist on games and activities when using foam yard dice! With a roll of the dice you can modify the rules of a game, change the number of reps in an exercise, or get students practicing their math skills. Their non-discriminate nature makes them a perfect fit for any age group or activity focus.

For example, have 6 players grab a die and roll to see who gets the highest number. Keep rolling in the event of a tie until one player remains—that player is team captain for the day’s activities! Or, break players up into 6 groups, give each a die, and let them roll to see what activity they’re warming up with, based on a teacher-designed list.

Superior Durability

Made with vinyl-coated foam, dice are ready to stand up to daily institutional use and can even be utilized outdoors. When tossed and rolled appropriately their strong construction will handle any environment. Vinyl also resists peeling or picking, ensuring idle hands aren’t shortening the lifespan of your equipment.

Bright Colors

Dice come in Rainbow® Sets of 6, which means 6 different, vibrant colors for students to get excited about. Teachers can also assign groups and teams based on color, while also keeping track of equipment based on who has which color.