Rainbow® CometTail™

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The sky's the limit with our versatile CometTail™ tossing balls!

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Help students learn how to better track objects moving through the air and make great catches! These tossing balls feature a can’t-miss tail that streams vibrantly behind them, helping to make catching less intimidating and much more fun. Balls are built to stand up to institutional use and can be either hit or thrown without damaging them. Rainbow® colors ensure every student’s favorite color is on hand.

Non-Intimidating Design

It’s hard to miss the 36”L colored tail streaming behind these balls as they fly through the air! Students of all ages will easily track them and make quick adjustments to catch the ball. It’s a friendlier option than a pure white baseball or even a larger football when it comes to teaching tossing and catching. This 2.5” dia synthetic leather ball is much friendly on their hands.

Rainbow® CometTail™ balls can be fielded differently than normal balls! If students overthrow the ball, the catcher can easily snag the tail as it soars by. Not only does this keep play more controlled, it offers confidence to younger students as they learn to properly toss and catch.

Rainbow® colors are another component of the friendly design of these tossing balls and give your students a chance to toss or catch with their favorite color. Whether you’re playing indoors or out, these vibrant colors are sure to stand out against whatever backdrop is behind them. Plus, Rainbow® colors are simply fun to play with!

Send It Soaring

Throw, toss, whip, or even hit this ball to send it soaring brightly into the air! It’s a great replacement for any traditional ball game and can work its way into any curriculum to help improve the basics of catching, tossing, hitting, throwing, and more. You can even incorporate it into a game of baseball to experience all of the benefits it has to offer.

Activity instructions included in this pack highlight the versatility of these balls. For example, during Catch-A-CometTail™, players stand in a large circle and take turns throwing the ball to one another. Teams earn one point for each ball that is caught and two points if the CometTail™ is caught by the tail. The team with the most points when time runs out or the first team to reach a designated number of points wins!

The simple design of balls makes it easy for instructors to dream up their own variations on classic games or invent new styles of play that make use of the unique comet tail design!

Durable Construction

Comet tails are made of a soft, friendly nylon materials that’s as soft in the hands as it is durable against institutional use. Play indoors or out without fear of damaging these balls. Synthetic leather ball construction is also incredibly reliable over time.


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