Rainbow® Foam Rings

Lightweight foam rings are perfect for any ring tossing game or activity!


Perfect for a variety of tossing games, these foam toss rings are exceptionally lightweight and very easy to handle. Their durable outer skin ensures they’ll last game after game for years of use.

Great for Intro Tossing

Rings are a great way to teach tossing to younger students to help improve their hand-eye coordination. These rings in particular have been designed to be extremely user-friendly with smaller, younger students in mind. Their softness removes any intimidation associated with other tossing games, while a tough outer skin ensures they will still stand up to institutional use. This softness not only makes them easier to grip, but also protects your gym floors!

Two size options are available: 10” dia and 14” dia. The larger rings are great for tossing and for use in target games with bean bags. The smaller rings can add some extra challenges for certain types of tossing games as your students get more comfortable with their skills.

Rainbow® Colors

Both sizes come in Rainbow® sets. These colors get kids excited about participating. They also are outstanding organizational tools. Easily separate kids into different groups according to their assigned ring color, or pair same-colored beanbags with the rings in other types of games. The possibilities are endless!

Rainbow® Foam Rings Options

Rainbow® Foam Rings are available in 2 sizes.

  • 10”
  • 14”
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