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Rainbow® GamePlay™ Soft-Stix™ Croquet Set

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Teach croquet indoors or out with the safest, most durable oversized croquet set!

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Croquet setup for your youngest students is made fast and simple thanks to this complete set. Non-intimidating equipment is perfect for younger players and can be used either indoors or out without compromising the integrity of balls, racquets, or croquet wickets. Team colors allow for group play, as well as individual practice.

Non-Intimidating Design

Friendlier than wooden mallets, yet offering a true-to-play construction, these oversized croquet mallets are ideal for beginners and young players. Mallets feature a polyurethane-foam head, which drops the overall weight of the mallet and lessens the intimidation factor. Mallets combine a soft core and a thick, durable outer shell to withstand the constant impact of croquet.

An oversized mallet face and head, with a striking area that’s 33% larger than official-sized mallets, allowing for more success and fun by players. Less force is required to make contact with the ball, and even shots that are slightly off center will still play properly thanks to the forgiving design.

Fun for the Whole Class

This set features team-colored mallets and balls, allowing for easy ball tracking and scorekeeping throughout any game. Colors also help students identify who’s on their team. Colored equipment also helps teachers keep track of equipment and assign things appropriately to break up the class.

Included instructions ensure everyone will be off having fun in mere minutes! Instructions break down directions clearly for teachers and students alike to understand, and include instruction for set up, game play, and scoring. Plus, diagrams make wicket layout super easy, along with estimating the distance between wickets, allowing you to set up the Official USCA 9–wicket layout.

Durable Equipment

Durability is a pillar of construction when it comes to these mallets, and they’re designed to stand up to institutional abuse over time. The aluminum head and shafts are molded together to form a single piece for added strength and stability, unlike other mallets that have the head screw into the shaft. All mallets also come with a textured rubber handle, providing great grip and hand feel that allow students to better control their swings and hits.

Balls feature a vinyl shell that is friendlier than typical croquet balls and allows them to be both durable and resilient. Balls are clearly colored for optimal sight no matter where you’re playing.

This is the only set we offer that can be used indoors or out, allowing you to bring your class’ croquet game indoors if the weather outside is not favorable. The key component are the wickets—unlike most wickets and stakes that are stuck directly into the turf, these wickets have stands allowing them to be placed anywhere and on any surface!

Complete Set includes 6 mallets, 9 steel wickets with weighted bases, 2 ABS stakes, 6 vinyl balls, a rolling nylon storage bag, and activity instructions.