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Rainbow® GamePlay™ Team TripleToss™ Set


The tossing action never stops with 10 exciting and easy-to-learn activities!

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Play all of the outside games you’re familiar with indoors on this ladder game set. With 6 different colored ladders and bolos, the entire class can get in on the action on these familiar outdoor kids games! Play some classic picnic games, choose from 10 math-focused games, or make up your own game with rules and objectives that are specific to your students and class focus. 

Bright Colors

Use all 6 Rainbow® colors included within this set to keep your class organized and engaged. For example, have students count off by 6 and assign different numbers to different colors—1’s get green, 2’s get blue, 3’s get yellow, etc. This helps you ensure teams are split evenly and that each class period puts students with brand new partners. You can also keep track of equipment by monitoring who has what color.

Because ladders and the tossing bolos are both rainbow colored, it’s easy for students to clearly see their objective and to stay on task throughout the duration of a game. Colors can help students judge depth and distance as well. But, most of all Rainbow® colors are bright, welcoming, and make kids want to use this equipment!

Numerous Game Options

Activity instructions include 10 different game options, from Stagger Toss to Giant Toss. Having 6 ladder targets and 18 Bolos allows you to get more of your class involved in games. Each game comes with a comprehensive breakdown of the setup, gameplay, objectives and scoring. For example, during Giant Toss, a player from each team starts in the middle of a 50’ dia circle with 3 bolos. At the signal, players throw their bolos, trying to land them on their team’s frame. After throwing all 3 bolos, another player on the team takes turn. The number of rounds depends on how long it takes to a team to score 21 points.

Games that put focus on a number of critical skills: from teamwork and communication, to coordination and math skills. Each activity comes with gameplay options, allowing you to ether make adjustments to scale the difficulty of the activity or add your own spin on things.

Durable Equipment

Ladders feature PVC piping that is strong and rigid, enabling them to stand up to multiple player use day in and day out in institutional settings. A wide base prevents them from tipping over or falling when stuck with bolos. Ladders measure 24"L x 24"W x 36"H.

Complete Set incudes 6 ladder targets, 18 bolos, and activity instructions. 

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