Rainbow® Juggling Scarves

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Slow-motion lightweight scarves help beginners learn juggling patterns.

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The easiest way to teach juggling and ensure students become familiar with the concept and technique, juggling scarves are non-intimidating and confidence-boosting. Colorful scarves float in the air, giving students enough time to set up for the next movement and anticipate the next step. Skills translate easily to actual juggling.

Build Confidence

Nylon 17" x 17" scarves are slow-moving and non-intimidating, making it easier for students to handle them as they learn how to juggle. Where beanbags and balls are quick to fall back to the earth, scarves hang in the air longer and give students a better lead time when it comes to reacting. This ensures a student’s ability to toss up a scarf, follow its falling path, and grab it again, without losing track of the next scarf to go through the cycle.

As students become comfortable with scarves, it’s easier for them to transition to heavier or larger objects. The basic understanding of how juggling works and the technique developed with scarves makes a great foundation for aspiring jugglers. Juggle scarves are a great introduction for any age group!

Rainbow® Colors

Thanks to Rainbow® colors, students will have no trouble tracking their scarves as they fly through the air. It’s hard to miss vibrant red or green colors as they’re floating loftily in front of you! Plus, with different color options, students will be able to anticipate what’s next in their juggling cycle. If they know that blue comes after green, and the green scarf is floating in front of them, they’ll be able to stay on track to properly keep the juggle going.

Multiple Quantities

Choose from various sets sizes to properly outfit your class with the right amount of juggle scarves. Each student should learn with 3 scarves, however more advanced jugglers may practice adding different colors, to increase the number of scarves in the circuit at once. Larger packs are also great for teaching your entire class how to juggle, getting everyone involved at the same time.

Rainbow® Juggling Scarf Options

Rainbow® Juggling Scarves are available in a pack or sets.

  • Juggling DVD and 3-Scarf Pack. Includes 3 scarves and Fun with Juggling Scarves DVD (42 minutes).
  • Juggling Scarf Sets. Made with groups of 6 Rainbow® colors.
    • 12-Scarf Set
    • 72-Scarf Set
    • 108-Scarf Set
    • 216-Scarf Set