Rainbow® Rubber Rings

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Hefty sponge-rubber ring toss rings for deck tennis and other tossing games.

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A step up from our foam rings, these rubber rings are a little more heavy-duty and allow students to continue progressing in their tossing skills. Each ring toss set includes one of each Rainbow® color, providing you with plenty of game and organizational options in your Physical Education class.

Continue Improving Tossing Skills

Continue to enhance your students’ tossing skills by transitioning them from foam to rubber rings, which are heavier and have a more advanced “feel.” Rings are a great way to introduce students to tossing activities of all types, such as ring toss and other target-style games. Students will quickly learn different methods of tossing the rings, such as tossing them end over end and attempting to toss them like a Frisbee.

High-Quality Rubber

Made of long-lasting, heavy-duty rubber that stands up to institutional use, these rings also provide students with a friendly, comfortable option for a variety of games. At 6” in diameter, these rings are extremely easy to control and toss for students of all ages and sizes.

Both sets are Rainbow® colored, allowing you to integrate the rings into games and put a twist into rules based on the colors of the rings. You could also easily separate students into teams based on the color of their rings.

Rainbow® Rubber Ring Options

Rainbow® Rubber Rings are available in sets.

  • Rainbow® Set of 6
  • Rainbow® Super Set of 36