Rainbow® SoftTail™

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Watch these durable and colorful SoftTails™ fly through the sky!

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Take the fear out of tossing and catching games and replace it with vibrant colors and a non-intimidating type of ball that’s enough to get any student excited! These youth tossing balls feature bright colors and a non-intimidating design that makes them look more like a work of art flying through the air than a ball. Durable materials make them great for both indoor and outdoor play, with numerous activities possible.

Friendly Design

The design of Rainbow® SoftTails™ takes away the fear of tossing, throwing, and catching by increasing the success of tossing and catching. With these balls, students don’t have to be perfect when they throw or catch—they just have to be in the vicinity of balls for a shot. The combination of Rainbow® colors and a 36”L tail make it easy to spot balls in the air and track their flight path. This means instant adjustments that give students the confidence to properly catch.

Once students have these youth tossing balls in their hands, they’ll quickly see there’s nothing to fear from them! The mesh texture is soft and friendly to the touch, and the balls themselves are lightweight foam and easily handled. As they grip and field balls, students will realize that they’re in control and that balls don’t hurt, encouraging them to further explore tossing, catching, and throwing.

Various Game Options

Thanks to the 36”L tail, it’s easy to toss, catch, throw, or hit these balls. You can incorporate these balls into various games and different activities to great effect. Use them for practicing tossing and catching drills, or use them instead of a baseball to get the full effect of their benefits in a true gameplay setting.

This set also comes with instructions detailing several games oriented around the design of SoftTail™ balls. Instructions call out the objective, setup, gameplay, and scoring of multiple games. For example, in SoftTail™ Catchball, students aim to be the last team standing, or the team with the most students still in the game after a predetermined amount of time. Divide class into 2 teams and assign each team one half of the playing area. Students through the SoftTails™ to the opposing team, without crossing the center line. If an opponent catches the ball by the tail, the thrower is out. If the opponent catches it by the ball, that students is out.

Teachers can put their own spin on classic games or invent a few of their own to keep students engaged and excited, no matter what the lesson focus is.

Durable Construction

Durable nylon construction not only makes these balls soft to the touch, it also protects them from institutional use, both indoors and out. Nylon won’t break down and deteriorate like lesser materials, and can survive being tugged on and stretched for throwing.


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