Tag-It™ Mitts

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Oversized foam hand mitts for a safer game of tag.

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Put a fun spin on a classic game of tag by introducing foam hands into the mix! Whoever is wearing the mitt is “it” and must try to tag other players by tapping them with the mitt—when they do, the mitt is transferred and the new player who’s “it” must repeat the cycle. Mitts prevent the spread of germs and are soft and friendly for tagging.

Always Know Who’s “It”

Since the person who’s doing the tagging is wearing a foam hand, it’s always easy to tell who’s “it”! Students will know to avoid this person as they’re running around, and teachers will be able to keep an eye on the tagger to make sure they’re playing appropriately. Bright blue coloring is easy to spot and will stand out even in a room full of students.

Use multiple mitts to play tag variations! For example, in Outbreak, 1 student starts as the tagger. When they tag someone, that person becomes a tagger as well, and so on. Each person touched will put on a mitt until there are no more untagged people! Last person to be tagged wins.

Keep Germs Low

Since there is no skin-to-skin contact when tagging occurs, these foam hands minimize the spread of germs or the exposure of germs from 1 student to another. They cover the entire hand and are a convenient way to keep games light and friendly, not to mention safe.

Complete Set includes 6 mitts and activity instructions.