TeamBocce™ Set

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A fun team bocce variation gets the whole class involved, indoors or out!

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This unique bocce outdoor bowling set includes an oversized white target ball that’s easy to spot, plus enough balls for 2 teams of 15. Its friendly competition teaches tossing and perceptual skills with soft, safe balls that can be used indoors and out during bocce ball games.

How to Play

Position a rope, string, or small cones to form a line for the players to stand behind while using this team outdoor bowling set. Divide the group into 2 teams: 1 with blue bocce balls and 1 with yellow. To start the game, a player throws the target ball away from the group. First, the Team #1 Yellows toss their bocce balls toward the target. Next, the Team #1 Blues toss, followed by the Team #2 Yellows, and finally the Team #2 Blues. After all the balls have been tossed, everyone walks toward the target ball to observe which team's ball(s) have landed closest to the target ball. Only 1 color can score. For example, if there are 3 yellow balls closest to the target ball and the next closest is blue, the yellow team would score 3 points. If there is 1 blue ball closest to the target ball and the next closest is yellow, the blue team would score 1 point. A game could go up to 21 or more points at the teacher's discretion. A player from the team that scores tosses the target ball for the next round.

This is a great team game that can get the entire class involved. Up to 30 people can play at a single time!

High-Quality Bocce Equipment

These bocce balls are made of a soft vinyl, allowing them to be used indoors and out so you can take your game anywhere.  The softer balls are friendlier for younger users, who might be intimidated by the standard hard, heavy bocce balls. Transporting the game is made easier with a mesh carrying bag, vented to allow the bocce balls to dry after being used in outdoor settings.

Each set includes everything you need to get started: 30 vinyl 4” dia bocce balls (15 ea blue, yellow), 2 target balls, and activity instructions.