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Worksman® Side-by-Side Tricycle
InReach™ Bell Ball
Autism Visual Exercise Systems
InReach™ Custom Learning Pack
InReach™ Beeper Ball
Autism Visual Exercise System - Sports Pack
Autism Visual Exercise System - Five Component Pack
InReach™ SoftPlay™ Volleyball
Worksman® Micah Tricycle
InReach Screamin' Yellow Coated-Foam Balls
InReach Biggie Sport Balls
InReach™ SoftScore™ Sport Balls


Worksman® Junior

Worksman® Junior

Alpine Climber

Alpine Climber

Multicolored Foam Dome
Autism Fitness Curriculum Pack
Autism Visual Exercise System - Yoga Pack
Autism Visual Exercise System - Fitness Room Pack
Footprintz Vinyl Spots
Sens-A-Ball Tactile Ball
InReach™ Teacher Boards
Worksman® Hand Trike
Adapted Physical Education National Standards
Rainbow® Bull's-Eye Velcro® Catch Sets
Create-A-Course™ Set
Assist-A-Roll™ Bowling Ramp
Wavy Tactile Beam

Wavy Tactile Beam

SoftScoot™ Scooter
Rainbow® PathWay™ Tunnels
VersaGrip™ Bowling Ball
Aerobie® Squidgie® Disc
Aerobie® Squidgie® Ball
Rainbow® InReach™ Foam Disc
Supra™ Volleyball Trainer
Rainbow® Nubz™ Balls
UltraFit™ Core Balance Discs
Supra™ Rubber Basketballs

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Shop for adapted PE equipment from Gopher Sport and get every student involved in class activities!

Our assortment of adapted and special education equipment provides PE teachers with a wide array of resources to use during class.

Colorful, non-threatening teaching tools help students learn about balance and spatial awareness. Convenient equipment packs and teaching guides help instructors develop the ideal curriculum for their students. Teachers will be able to encourage their students, sensory development as they learn essential skills they will also use outside the classroom.

Browse Gopher's variety of adapted PE equipment to find the best tools that suit the needs of your students.