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Assist-A-Roll™ Bowling Ramp


This bowling ramp is so easy to set up and use, you’ll have plenty of time to “spare”!

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Easily collapsible and extremely durable, this ramp is easily moved from lane to lane to assist younger, inexperienced bowlers or students with special needs. The ramp helps students aim and gives the ball extra momentum for the perfect strike! It can be used while sitting or standing.

Improve Success

Designed for beginners or those with special needs, Assist-A-Roll™ gives a ball momentum and directs it in a straight line so students have a greater chance of knocking over pins. Use it with official balls that are too heavy for younger students to pick up and roll; or with lightweight rubber, foam, or plastic balls that just need guidance.

Easy Setup and Transportation

Setup is extremely easy due to the intuitive design. It folds and unfolds quickly so it can be moved to different lanes. To release the ramp from its folded position, all you need to do is un-Velcro® the security strap, then pull the ramp out. Once it is fully extended, it locks into place.

Once in place, the ramp provides a downward path for the ball to roll smoothly from the top, where the student places his/her ball. TPR feet prevent the ramp from slipping when it is opened up for use, even if a student pushes the ball with force.

To move the 13 lb ramp to another location or take it down for storage, the push button releases the locking mechanism and it simply folds together. The Velcro® security strap can then be fastened to hold the ramp together in its collapsed position.

All ages are able to move the ramp, thanks to two 3” dia wheels that enable the ramp to be pulled rather than carried.

  • In use, the ramp measures 30”H x 25” W x 53½” L
  • When folded, the ramp measures 34”H x 25”W x 8¼”L


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