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Autism Fitness Curriculum Pack


Promote fitness and develop motor skills with the most comprehensive program geared for students with autism!

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Designed specifically for students on the spectrum, autism fitness equipment is meant to stimulate and captivate, while remaining non-intimidating and friendly. This pack contains a number of critical equipment items that, when used in conjunction with the accompanying text, provides a gateway to structuring adapted PE classes around the needs of individuals with autism, to better promote motor development.

Complete Instruction

A complete pack, this collection of fitness equipment for students with autism provides a bevy of options in helping students master both basic and advanced motor skills. Range of motion, dexterity, coordination, strength training, and more are all possible, to help students on the spectrum live more active, healthful lives.

All of the equipment included within this pack is designed to be friendly, non-intimidating, and non-threatening. Bright, Rainbow® colors captivate students and hold their attention, while softer materials make handling equipment easy. Each item can be multipurpose into a wide variety of activities, exercises, and games, with additional possibilities defined by the included Autism Fitness Handbook.

Indispensable Resource

In addition to a wealth of equipment and all of the possibilities that come with each piece, this pack also features The Autism Fitness Handbook and DVD (also sold separately). The text brings important concepts to life and acclimates instructors with a range of focuses, designed to spur cognitive and motor development in children with autism.

Davis S. Geslak, author of The Autism Fitness Handbook, is the founder and director of Exercise Connection Corporation. He has been developing programs for individuals with autism spectrum disorders since 2004, and is determined to help individuals live healthier, more active lifestyles.

The book is broken into 4 sections, dedicated to engaging, inspiring, motivating, and teaching students.

Part One: Engage

  1. Exercise...The Gateway to Build Fitness, Self-Esteem, and Relationships

Part Two: Educate

  1. The Five Components of Physical Fitness - Revisited
  2. Setting up an Individualized Program
  3. Creating Individual Visual Exercise Schedules

Part Three: Empower

  1. Champion Stories

Part Four: Exercise

  • Body Image

1. Body Part Identification

2. The Pretzel

3. Stability Ball Hug

4. Arm

5. Foot

  • Posture

6. Calf stretch

7. Hip Extensions

8-10. Log Exercises

11. Dog

12. Frankensteins

  • Motor Coordination

13-15. Ladder Drills

16. Ball Catch (Large & Small)

17. Crossover March

18. Crossover March with Elbows

19-21. Letter Jumping

  • Muscular Fitness

22. Dumbbell Chest Press

23. Single Arm Dumbbell Row

24. Standing Band Row (Two Hands)

25-27. Medicine Ball Series

  • Abdominal Strength

28-31. Superman Series

32. Push-Up Hold

33. Elbows “n” Toes

34. Partner Crunch

  • Cardiovascular Fitness

35-42. Running Mechanics

43. Treadmill

44. Cone Running

45. Exercise Bike

46. Trampoline

Autism Fitness Curriculum Pack Options

Autism Fitness Curriculum Pack is available in a pack. The Autism Fitness Handbook and DVD also sold separately.

  • Complete Pack
    • ExerFitPro™ Workout Mats, Set of 12
    • UltraFit™ Evolution™ Kompact, 6 lb, 1 ea
    • UltraFit™ Neoprene Dumbbells, Set of 4 (2 ea 2 lb, 5 lb)
    • UltraFit™ ProTex™ Foam-Covered Handles, Light, 2 ea
    • UltraFit™ Stability Balls, Set of 2 (1 ea 45 cm, 55 cm)
    • UltraFit™ Foam Roller, Semi-Firm EVA Foam, 36”, 1 ea
    • Rainbow® Agility Ladder, Single, 1 ea
    • Rainbow® Stay-N-Play™ Spots, Set of 12
    • The Autism Fitness Handbook and DVD, 1 ea
  • The Autism Fitness Handbook and DVD