Rainbow® Bull's-Eye Velcro® Catch Sets

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Fun bull's-eye design adds new scoring options to this popular catch game.

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Set the baseball glove and baseball aside and have your students pick up a Velcro® paddle ball instead! This unique game touts the benefits of traditional tossing and catching, yet maintains a non-intimidating prospect for younger students. Get the entire class involved with an assortment of games and use Rainbow® colors to keep everyone on task.

Develop Tossing and Catching Skills

Building success for tossing and catching drills is easy thanks to the non-intimidating design of this Velcro® catch game. Instead of hefting a heavy baseball glove or trying to handle weightier balls, students can slip a paddle onto their hand and snag balls right out of the air! Students will have fun learning to position the paddle in the right area for the ball to make contact with it, trying to hit the bullseye just right! And, because the ball will stick wherever it lands on the paddle, it’s easy for students to see how accurate they are when it comes to ball tracking.

Unique Design

Using a combination of fuzzy balls and Velcro® paddles, the unique design of this set ensures maximum fun and controlled play. Catching balls is almost magnetic—they’ll stick precisely where they land on the paddle, until a student tears them away to toss them back to their partner. A bullseye design on the face of the paddle offers a point of reference for trying to make the catch, which helps students make proper adjustments.

Thanks to a Velcro® strap on the back of the paddle, students can quickly slip equipment on and off. This means most games can start in just seconds and cleanup is made easy.

Rainbow® Bull's-Eye Velcro® Catch Set Options

Rainbow® Bull's-Eye Velcro® Catch Sets are available in sets. Extra balls sold separately.

  • Rainbow® Set, Includes 12 paddles (2 ea color) and 6 balls.
  • Blue Set, Includes 2 paddles and 1 ball.
  • Extra Balls, Set of 3