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InReach Biggie Sport Balls


Supersized, soft, and lightweight for all the fun and no fear!

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Oversized sports balls reduce fear while learning fundamental motor skills in an adapted PE environment. These soft, friendly, and durable balls give students the non-intimidating prospect they need to get involved and teachers the right equipment to use within an adapted PE environment.

Non-Intimidating, Safe Design

Designed to be oversized and friendly, balls are easier to grip and handle, giving students a tactile experience that entices them to keep on tossing, catching, or kicking. Their official look shares a likeness with traditional athletics equipment, creating a dynamic that will make students feel like they’re in the game! Balls are also non-threatening thanks to their softer foam-backed cover, alleviating any fears students might have right out of the gate.

Durable Construction

Foam balls for adapted PE gym classes feature a composite, foam-backed cover for softer, friendlier play. They also feature a latex rubber bladder with butyl valve for superior air retention over time. Balls are designed to withstand institutional usage, both indoors and out.

Perfect for Skill Development

Instructors can choose from 3 different foam balls for adapted PE gym classes: soccer balls, footballs, or volleyballs. Each ball offers a unique approach to teaching critical motor function. Soccer balls help reinforce kicking and coordination; footballs offer access to throwing and catching experience; and volleyballs help students develop depth perception and spatial awareness. All balls are easier to track and handle, which is optimal for adapted PE.

One of the 15 standards for adapted PE is instructional design and planning. Oversized sport balls give teachers the opportunity to implement equipment that helps students meet this standard. By using oversized equipment, students are more likely to succeed at skill development thanks to the planning and design of the activity when incorporating this specific equipment.

InReach™ Biggie™ Options

InReach™ Biggie™ is available individually in 3 ball varieties.

  • Soccer Ball, 16” dia
  • Football, 24”L x 14”W
  • Volleyball, 13” dia