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InReach Screamin' Yellow Coated-Foam Balls


Blazing-bright ball stimulates the senses making kids excited to catch, throw, and roll it!

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Bright, soft, and tons of fun, this foam dodgeball is a great multi-purpose piece of equipment within adapted PE curricula. It’s a safe, non-intimidating way to get students involved and to help them focus on learning critical motor skills, rather than being intimidated by equipment. This coated-foam ball for adapted gym classes is also great for assessing skills, thanks to its bright color.

Bright Coloring

Screamin’ Yellow® coloring makes these balls stand out wherever they are, while also providing the dual benefit of being captivating for students. The bright color makes the balls easy to track when tossed or rolled, and encourages students to focus on the bright color over everything else that may serve as a distraction. Students will be so captivated by the color that they’ll be eager to pick up a ball and get started with the day’s PE lesson!

Low-Density Design

A premium coating and low-density design keeps these balls in great condition and up to the task of weathering institutional use. They’ll resist peeling, cracking, or fading that can come with regular use indoors and out. And, in addition to the resilience offered by these balls, they remain safe and friendly thanks to their inner low-density foam construction.

Multipurpose Assessment

1 of the 15 standards for adapted PE is assessment. Because of their friendly construction and optimal 7” dia size, foam dodgeballs are a great assessment tool across a wide range of core skills. Balls are easy to throw, catch, kick, and roll, and students will have no trouble handling them as they demonstrate these learned abilities. Bright colors also help teachers quickly assess the fluency of each skill, as they track balls and motions from student to student.