Multicolored Foam Dome

Jumbo soft dome provides a perfect platform for gross-motor activities!


A flat side gives students a chance to test their core motor skills, while a reverse rounded side creates instability for an added challenge! This large foam balance dome offers a myriad of opportunities for students to practice motor skills, in a way that’s scalable in difficulty, safe, and fun. Dome is supremely durable and easy to handle and transport.

Motor Skill Mastery

This large, soft spatial awareness dome for students to balance on offers a perfect platform for gross-motor activities. Teachers can challenge students by having them balance on one leg, or have them balance while playing catch with a partner. Students can lay it flat with the rounded side up for climbing, balancing, and coordination skills. Reverse it with the rounded side down to create instability that requires balance, body awareness, and spatial awareness. The flat side down option offers beginner, stable activities for students, which can easily be scaled with more difficult skills introduced when the dome is flipped to the “rounded side down.”

Durable Construction

Firm, medium-density foam is covered with a heavy-duty 18 oz vinyl cover, allowing this dome to stand up mightily against constant wear and tear from students climbing on it. Students can sit, stand, and jump on it without fear of marring or deforming the dome. Firm foam makes it semi-soft to the touch, allowing it to be comfortable as well as strong.

Smart Design

This 44” dia x 14”H dome is large enough to include multiple younger students at the same time, allowing for the possibility of games and activities where work together to balance and keep everyone on. Weighing just 35 lb, the dome’s vinyl cover has handles double-stitched on the edge for easy transportation to and from storage to the activity area.

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