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SoftScoot™ Scooter

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A soft, one-piece coated-foam covered scooter adds safety and enhances comfort for students!

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Durable, pick-proof coated foam covers a wooden seat for a more comfortable, user-friendly ride! Unlike cheaper coated foam scooters, the SoftScoot™ is constructed with one-piece coated foam that is guaranteed to stay in place.

Unique, Comfortable Design

These boards are the softest, most comfortable riding scooter on the market. Other foam scooters have covers that slip onto existing boards that are not durable, falling off with ease. These boards allow you to sit, kneel, or lie down without having to worry about hurting your knees, bottom, or stomach. Basically, it’s the definition of a user-friendly ride! The dome is raised up to the point where users are able to sit in a more natural seated position, which provides greater control over the scooter.

High-quality 3” diameter rubber wheels allow you to roll smoothly across floors without marring the surface, even during extensive use.

Large handgrips and 2.2 square feet of space (25% more than most other scooters) make it easy for students of all sizes to comfortably fit on the boards and control the direction they’re traveling in. Even multiple riders are able to fit on a single scooter, thanks to the rectangular design.

Made to Last

This is the only foam scooter on the market with a pickproof design! Thanks to this feature, the boards will not only provide a comfortable ride, but they’ll also stay in great shape for years to come.

SoftScoot™ Scooter Options

SoftScoot™ Scooters are available in a Pack with storage, in a Set of 6, or Individually. Cart also sold separately.

  • Scooter Pack. Includes 24 scooters and a custom storage cart.
  • Scooter Set of 6. Blue.
  • Individual Scooters. Blue
  • Magnus™ Storage Cart. 27”L x 24”W x 54”H, 23 lb.
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