Gopher 4-Square Balls


Top-quality 8.5" dia four-square playground balls made specifically for four-square!

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A timeless, beloved game, Four-square is enjoyed by all. This durable rubber ball easily introduces newcomers to the fun with rules of the game printed right on the ball!

Long-Lasting Construction

These 8.5" dia balls are the most durable Four Square option on the market. A butyl bladder ensures the ball retains its shape and lively bounce. Two-ply construction withstands heavy use for long-lasting performance on any surface. A stippled premium rubber cover enhances impact absorption and longevity. It also adds grip and control, giving students better accuracy during throws. But as tough as these balls are, they're also soft and pliable to the touch. Students' will appreciate the friendly feel and be eager to participate!

Four Square and Beyond

Students can be self-starters and self-moderators with these heavy-duty rubber balls. Four Square rules are printed right on the ball! Students can easily familiarize themselves with the game, and settle playground disputes quickly and definitively. These durable balls can also be used for other playground activities and skill practice such as partner toss and catch, bouncing, rolling, throwing at targets, dribbling, and much more!

Gopher 4-Square Balls are available in sets of 6 in 3 color options.