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CharacterEd Playground Packs

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This pack of 30 CharacterEd balls instantly equips your playground or supplements your current stock.

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Incorporate positive messages of understanding, respect, and responsible behavior on the playground with character trait balls! Two packs provide students with the correct-size balls depending on their ages.

Promote Positive Character

Vibrant Rainbow balls each have a character trait and its definition listed on them to easily incorporate positive character traits into playground activities. Examples include respect, honesty, sportsmanship, confidence, and tolerance. The word is listed on one side of the ball, with the definition on the other. Each pack includes balls from all the major sports (30 total).

Use these balls as traditional sport balls, or create games using the character traits. For example, assign a character trait ball to a station and have students first discuss that trait and how they could demonstrate it, then have them complete the skill at the station.

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