Gopher Rainbow® ClassicCoat™ Foam Dodgeballs

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Player-friendly, soft coated-foam dodgeballs offer a low bounce factor and are perfect for a variety of games and activities!

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Our high-quality foam dodgeballs continue to be an essential for physical education and recreation programs everywhere. The combination of durability, softness and versatility make these balls great for a variety of ages, activity types and skill levels. Constructed of high-quality European materials, the ClassicCoat dodgeball is built for both superior performance and longevity. Whether introducing young students to throwing and catching or using for more competitive activities, the ClassicCoat foam dodgeball is sure to be a hit!

Soft Foam Construction

Made from a very soft, low-density foam, the ClassicCoat dodgeball ball is ideal for a variety of games or skill building activities.

The soft foam promotes success for beginners learning the basics of throwing and catching because it eliminates any intimidation other firmer balls may create. Even when young users miss the ball while trying to catch it, and the ball contacts their body, the soft construction won’t discourage them from trying to make the catch next time.

Older, more experienced users will love the combination of softness, balance and weight of the ball. ClassicCoat dodgeballs are perfectly weighted for users of all ages, light enough for younger users but heavy enough to be thrown with pace by older users. The precision manufacturing ensures superb balance and a perfectly round shaped ball that will accurately find its target throw after throw. And because of its soft foam core, Gopher’s ClassicCoat is the perfect dodgeball to keep players safe during fast paced activities where the ball might come in contact with opposing players.

In addition to providing safety, the dodgeballs are extremely easy to squeeze, enhancing the ability to grip the ball when throwing and also increasing the ability to make tough catches. The low-density foam also features limited bounce, offering better control and keeping more balls in play to increase the action of the game.

Premium Coating

A tough outer coating is superior to other foam dodgeballs and serves to protect the foam interior, ensuring the ball maintains its shape and performs properly for years. This premium coating resists peeling and cracking, and even locks out moisture to allow for play indoors or out. When not in flight, ClassiCoat dodgeballs are a great choice for target games that require students to roll the ball at as the coating easily stands up to whatever gym floors or concrete surfaces throw at it. In addition to protection, the slightly tacky coating provides an enhanced grip, even with sweaty hands, giving player more control and better accuracy.

Many Size and Color Options

Gopher ClassicCoat Coated-Foam Dodgeballs are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Sets of 6 in Rainbow colors are available in six sizes: 3.5” dia, 5” dia, 6.3” dia, 7” dia, 8.25” dia or 10” dia .

Individual balls (color varies) are available in three sizes: 6.3” dia, 7” dia and 8.25” dia


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