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High-Density Premium Fleece Balls
Rainbow Medium-Density Fleece Balls
Rainbow TeddyBall Fleece Balls

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Purchase fleece balls from Gopher Sport for use during non-intimidating games in PE class!

Gopher’s fleece balls for physical education classes provides teachers with bright, soft, and non-intimidating balls.

The durable design uses high-quality yarn to create balls of varied densities. Medium-density options are friendly, entry-level balls for younger students that encourage skill development. High-density fleece balls are easier to throw and catch. Super-density balls play like a standard ball, but is still soft and friendly.

Tactile-rich fluffy nylon balls are brightly colored and offer supreme floating and tracking when paired with paddles and racquets. Plush balls give a warm sensory-filled hug to little hands, squeezing for instant input while learning fundamental throwing and catching skills in 2 diameter choices.

Buy fleece balls from Gopher and help students improve fundamental skills!

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