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Gopher DuraCoat Foam Dodgeballs
Gopher Rainbow ClassicCoat Foam Dodgeballs
Premium High-Bounce Balls
Screamin' ClassicCoat Dodgeballs
ClassicCoat National Dodgeball League Dodgeballs
Rainbow DuraCoat Versa Coated-Foam Balls
EZTeam Black & White Dodgeballs
ClassicCoat Squeeze Coated-Foam Balls
Rainbow DuraCoat Squeeze Coated-Foam Balls
National Dodgeball League DuraCoat Dodgeballs
ClassicCoat Bounce Coated-Foam Balls
SoftScore Coated-Foam Balls
Rainbow DuraCoat Bounce Coated-Foam Balls
ClassicCoat Versa Coated-Foam Balls
Deluscious Foam Balls
FireFly Glow in the Dark Dodgeballs
Rainbow ClassicCoat GripGalore Dodgeballs
PEmoji Coated-Foam Balls
DuraCoat Itty Balls
Rainbow DuraCoat Handball
SoftScore Plus Coated-Foam Balls
Screamin' ClassicCoat™ Versa™ Coated-Foam Balls
Rainbow Coated-Foam Team Handballs
ClassicCoat SuperSqueeze Coated-Foam Balls
Rainbow DuraCoat SoftScore Plus Coated-Foam Balls
Gopher Itty Coated-Foam Balls
Rainbow Resilient Encased Foam Balls
Poof Soccer Ball
Rainbow® Low-Bounce Foam Balls
SoftScore Coated-Foam Soccer Balls
Poof Foam Footballs
Rainbow Spiral Foam Footballs
Rainbow Coated-Foam Ball Pack One

Buy high-quality coated and uncoated foam balls at Gopher Sport!

A variety of foam options let teachers and recreational program organizers choose the ball that’s ideal for their students and players.

If you need coated-foam balls, you have come to the right place! Our extremely tough DuraCoat balls have the most durable cover available. The coating is 50% stronger and 33% thicker than other foam balls. When you need a traditional coated-foam ball, look no further than our ClassicCoat balls. The high-quality coating will not peel or crack during consistent use.

Uncoated foam balls are also great for a variety of activities. They have the same bounce as their coated counterparts, and are ideal for teaching basic sports skills before moving on to more traditional balls.

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