Fun Gripper™ Balls

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Special-grip material makes these Fun Gripper® Footballs and other sports balls great for introducing and playing sports.

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Fun Gripper™ Balls offer a gateway to skill development and acclimation to any game! Textured and easy-to-grip, these balls bridge the gap between foam balls and regulation balls.

The Perfect Grip

Whether tossing, catching, kicking, bumping, or throwing, a soft, textured cover on each Fun Gripper™ allows for a perfect grip. Black or blue in color, it easy for students to see where the tacky grip material is and isn't on the ball or disc. Comfortable on hands, throwing and catching accuracy immediately improves for kids who are learning the fundamentals, while confidence and enjoyment also grow.

Non-Threatening Design

Thick, soft nylon fabric covers stand up to routine use, indoors or out! The comfortable and familiar design of these sport balls makes them great for teaching the basics of the sport. An emphasis on safety also helps students avoid the development of incorrect mechanics during skill development by eliminating any fear of the ball. Hands won't sting during catches, arms won't get red after bumping, and shins won't hurt stopping a soccer ball. Students will confidently catch the disc as it flies through the air too since there's no chance of an injury between fingers as with a hard plastic disc!

A butyl-rubber bladder provides excellent air retention, so there's little to no time spent on reinflating, even after long periods of use.

Finally, bright neon colors add additional fun for younger students. The colors also aid in ball tracking as students can clearly see flight paths.

Variety of Styles

Available in a wide range of options, students will immerse themselves in Fun Gripper™ Balls! Introductory sizes of football, soccer balls, volleyballs, and disc are great for their respective sport, or for any activity that needs a soft, grippy ball or disc! Volleyball and Football are each available in two sizes for simple progression training.

Fun Gripper™ Ball Options

Fun Gripper™ Balls are available in 6 options.

  • Soccer Ball, Size 4, 8" dia
  • Junior Football, 8"L
  • Standard Football, 10"L
  • Volleyball, 8" dia
  • Volleyball Trainer, 10" dia
  • Disc, 9" dia