High-Density Premium Fleece Balls

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These are the best colorful fleece balls you can buy.

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Very high yarn density makes these heavier, easier to throw and catch, and more durable than less expensive yarn balls. Washable, 100% orlon yarn is tightly gathered to resist picking.

Perfect for Skill Progression

The heavier fleece construction gives students a safer, yet similar feeling to a baseball or softball so students can confidently toss, catch, and roll. As students become very comfortable with these skills, they can easily progress to a heavier ball, then to the actual sport ball.

Premium Design

The ball gets its weight from more premium yarn and a high-density design, making it the best fleece ball we offer. Each is very durable, thanks to the tightly gathered design that resists picking and fraying. Multicolored balls add a fun pop of color. Vibrant Rainbow® colors allow teachers to easily vary activities and enhance tracking for students.

High-Density Premium Fleece Ball Options

High-Density Premium Fleece Ball are available in sets of 6 or individually in a variety of colors.

Rainbow® Sets

  • 3” dia
  • 4” dia
  • 6” dia

Individual Assorted Colors

  • 4” dia

Individual Multicolored

  • 4” dia