Gopher Itty™ Coated-Foam Balls

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A small foam ball with huge potential!

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These lightweight, soft, coated-foam balls can be used in an endless variety of activities! Available in low-bounce (soft foam) and high-bounce (slightly heavier foam), our smallest foam balls are the perfect solution for teachers looking for versatile balls they can use again and again.

Small Size

The tiny size of these Itty™ Foam Balls gives your students an option that will fit them better for certain activities, such as snow ball-themed activities or Around the World. The size also makes these balls particularly useful for younger students as they are easier to grasp in smaller hands. But, they can also be used with older students to increase difficulty in target or knockout style games.

Dependable Design

The ball’s premium cover is made with the same coating we use on our premium-coated foam balls, which makes it great for use in institutional settings where routine, rigorous play is common. The pick-proof, moisture-resistant coating will keep the ball in good shape and properly performing for many years to come, even with regular use.

Versatility for Instructors

Instructors have many different options for activity variations to keep students engaged, including adding extra challenges to traditional games because of the size of this ball. Smaller balls can also be used in classrooms, giving teachers more creativity and options that fit the needs and abilities of their students and their curriculum. Finally, the Rainbow® colors make them perfect for drill and class organization—create color-themed activities in an instant!

Gopher Itty™ Coated-Foam Ball Options

Gopher Itty™ Coated-Foam Balls are available in Low Bounce and High Bounce in 2 sizes.


  • Low Bounce
  • High Bounce


  • 2.5" dia
  • 3.5" dia


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