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Rainbow UltraFlite Kickballs
Rainbow UltraFlite.5 Kickballs
Official Kickball Pack

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No kid or adult can resist a game of kickball!

Kickball is such a great activity for the playground, park or the gym because every player can be a star!

How to play kickball

Players typically set up a kickball field laid out similar to a baseball diamond with similar positions. The pitcher on the defensive team (team in the field) rolls the ball to the kicker on the offensive team. If the pitcher rolls the kickball across the plate, the kicker must kick it into the field, or it's a strike. If the kicked ball is caught in the air by a fielder, the player is "out". If the ball lands anywhere in fair territory, the kicker runs as many bases as possible without being tagged or thrown out. Players crossing home plate score a run for their team. Make up your own rules to suit the age or the skill of the players, the field size, etc.

Choosing the right kickball

Kickballs are made with different construction than regular playground balls in order to maintain their shape during repeated kicking. Choose a lighter weight kickball (like Gopher's Rainbow UltraFlite.5 above) for use with kids, because it is easier to kick and easier to catch than a heavier ball. Older kids and adults need a stronger kickball like Gopher's Rainbow UltraFlite or the World Kickball Association balls included with Gopher's Official Kickball Pack

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