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Fun, fast-paced, three-team game emphasizes physical activity, teamwork, and fair play.

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Keep students engaged with a game that’s bound to be a huge hit! This Omnikin® ball game incorporates an ultra-lightweight and non-threatening 48” dia KIN-BALL® ball. Students of all ages learn to strategize as they cooperatively work together to keep the ball from hitting the ground.

How to Play KIN-BALL®

Invented in 1987, KIN-BALL® strongly emphasizes teamwork and concentration to succeed. Divide the class into 3 teams of 4 students and assign each team a color. Because the game involves a large ball, it also requires a large court that’s usually about the size of a gymnasium. All players for each team remain on the court at the same time. One team starts the game with control of the ball as the other 2 teams form a square around the ball. The server calls out “OMNIKIN®” and the color of an opposing team. That team needs to catch the ball before it hits the ground. If a team succeeds, they earn a point. If the ball hits the ground, the other teams each earn a point. Keep the action moving by immediately serving the ball again after catching it. The strategic fun continues for three periods of 15 minutes each.

Durable and Non-Intimidating

Even though it's a very large ball, each KIN-BALL® features a balloon bladder to keep it lightweight for easy handling. It’s built to last with a tough, waterproof 100% high-tenacity nylon cover and double nylon seams, making this an extremely tough ball. Oversized ball is only 2 lb 6 oz, making it non-intimidating and extremely versatile. Mix up gameplay and use the ball in many other team activities. From young students to experienced athletes, KIN-BALL® offers an exciting challenge for everyone. The nonstop action provides an amazing cardio workout for 45 minutes!

KIN-BALL® Options

KIN-BALL® includes 2 latex bladders, and is available individually in your choice of 2 colors.

  • Pink
  • Black

KIN-BALL® Accessories

  • Replacement Bladder, 40”-48” dia
  • Official Rule Book

View PDF - Kin-Ball® Manual

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View PDF - Kin-Ball® Rule Book

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Safe Products for Schools, Gyms and Recreation Centers - Gopher Sport CHOKING HAZARD (2). Not for under 8 yrs.

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