Kowabunga!™ Beach Balls

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The sheer strength of this heavy-duty beach ball will have you screamin' "Kowabunga!"

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Allow your students to learn fundamental volleyball skills without the sting! A strong yet lightweight cover ensure lasting, safe game play. Vibrant colors and unique styling stand out in the crowd, allowing you to easily spot and track motion during games and skills testing.

Versatile Play

Not only are these balls great for volleyball activities, they’re also an ideal water ball for your pool unit, or almost any game or activity that requires a sturdy, lightweight ball. The resilient cover allows you to take these anywhere, and the friendliness of this ball makes it a great option inside or outside the classroom, to help introduce students to new skills and games.

Lightweight and Durable

Feather light with an extra-thick vinyl cover for maximum durability, Kowabunga!™ gives players the best of both worlds: lasting play without the intimidation! The reinforced cover improves air retention even after repeated hits, to ensure the perfect shape and density throughout games and beyond. These beach balls are easy to inflate in just seconds—just open the valve and use the ball inflator to keep air levels optimal.

Bright Colors

With Rainbow® or Screamin' Orange® options available, it's easy to track these balls during flight, which in turn improves hand-eye coordination and spotting. Students going up for the ace or getting ready to set up a spike will find it easier to focus on the ball and anticipate their next move!

Kowabunga!™ Beach Ball Options

Kowabunga!™ Beach Balls are available in Rainbow® or Screamin' Orange® sets of 6, in 3 sizes.


  • 12" dia
  • 18" dia
  • 24" dia


  • Rainbow®
  • Screamin' Rainbow®
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