Rainbow® NO Dodgeball Coated-Foam Balls

A visual message printed directly on the no dodgeball foam ball supports SHAPE America's stance on non-targeted activities!


Set an inclusive tone for your program! Our top-quality coated-foam balls include a “NO Dodgeball” message, which serves as a visual reminder for teachers and students and reinforces SHAPE America's position on not targeting and eliminating students during activities.

Inclusive Atmosphere

Create a fun, positive environment with your students! Like many schools and daycares across the country, your class may start moving away from traditional dodgeball style games that promote targeting and exclusion. The "NO Dodgeball" printed message on the ball encourages sportsmanship and reminds students that targeting and exclusion will not be allowed in the classroom.

Quality Design

The premium foam cover helps the ball keep its shape long into the future, even after regular contact with floors and walls. This is the same coating used on the premium-coated foam balls we have to offer. The ball’s slightly-textured cover makes it easy to grip. The extra-soft and extra-tough outer coating won’t peel or crack, even with frequent indoor or outdoor use.

Outstanding Versatility

The low-bounce design of the premium foam is ideal for tossing, catching, and rolling activities. You can easily incorporate it into bowling and other target and knockdown games. Fun Rainbow® colors add to the versatility making these foam balls great for organizing students into teams for drills.

Rainbow® NO Dodgeball Coated-Foam Balls Options

Rainbow® NO Dodgeball Coated-Foam Balls are available in sets of 6, in 2 sizes.

  • 7" dia
  • 8" dia
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