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SoffPlay™ Balls
Rainbow® DuraBall™ Playground Balls
Rainbow® UltraPlay™ Playground Balls
UltraPlay™ 4-Square Balls
Rainbow® Playground Balls
SofTex™ Balls

SofTex™ Balls

Rainbow® UltraFlite™.5 Kickballs
Rainbow® UltraFlite™ Kickballs
Rainbow® UltraPlay™ Utility Balls
Gopher Playground Balls
Rainbow® Utility Balls
CharacterEd®  Playground Packs
Gopher 4-Square Balls
Rainbow® UltraPlay™ RecessReady™ Sport Balls
Rainbow® RecessReady™ Sport Balls
Fun Gripper™ Balls
Poof® Foam Footballs
Rainbow® Itty™ Balls Pack
Rainbow® TuffSport™ Balls
National Dodgeball League Rubber Dodgeballs

Shop for soft and durable playground balls at Gopher Sport!

Make the playground a colorful and exciting place for students by adding these non-intimidating soft rubber recess balls!

Gopher’s classic playground balls feature two-layer construction for a soft, pliable rubber cover that’s great for most activities. If you’re looking for an even tougher option, our utility balls include fabric windings under a durable rubber cover for improved durability and a firmer feel. Whether they’re used for soccer, basketball, volleyball, or football, the soft feel and tacky nature of the balls will make them an instant hit and promote exercise during breaks.

Available in packs, sets, or individually, recess will never be the same again after introducing these balls to the playground! Shop for playground balls at Gopher!