Premium High-Bounce Balls

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Premium-quality foam for our best uncoated smooth foam ball we offer!

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These high-density uncoated foam balls have the same excellent bounce and consistency as coated foam. You can use these balls for higher-speed ball activities such as tennis, soccer, volleyball, and even basketball.

Perfect for Skill Progression

When your youngest students are not quite ready for traditional soccer, tennis, or basketballs, start them with a friendly and soft uncoated foam option. This smooth foam ball is an ideal tool to help students learn basic sport skills and become confident before progressing to a more traditional sports ball.

Premium Construction

The high-quality premium foam makes this the best uncoated foam ball we have to offer. An excellent bounce is ideal for fast-paced activities. The skinless design makes it easy to outfit an entire school affordably. Because these are uncoated, indoor use is recommended.

Versatility at Its Best

The activity and game options are endless! These balls offer a great alternative to sport balls but can also be used for hundreds of tossing, catching, and target games. Use them wherever a lively ball with more bounce is needed! Plus, the variety of sizes makes it easy to give each student or activity the correctly-sized ball. Rainbow® colors aid students in tracking during flight and add a fun pop of color to almost any activity.

Premium High-Bounce Ball Options

Premium-High-Bounce Balls are available in Rainbow® Sets of 6, in 3 sizes. Also available individually in vibrant Yellow, in 4 sizes.

Individual Yellow

  • 2.75" dia
  • 3.5" dia
  • 5.9" dia
  • 8.25" dia

Rainbow® Sets

  • 2.75" dia
  • 3.5" dia
  • 5.9" dia


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