Rainbow® Coated-Foam Dodgeball Pack

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You can dodge the ball but not the fun with this 36-ball pack!

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Split your class into teams and let the dodgeballs fly as students take aim, throw, duck, and dodge their way through the most fun they’ll have in PE class! The foam construction of these dodgeballs makes them supremely safe playground equipment for schools, without taking away from the fast-paced fun of a traditional dodgeball game.


  • These balls come with our standard coating, which covers foam to keep the shape and construction of balls protected from sharp objects or surfaces and keep out moisture, allowing all the balls in this pack to keep a true shape for long-lasting play.
  • Coating doesn’t just protect the foam structure of balls, it also gives students a layer of texture and grip, allowing them better control over balls during throwing and catching, with improved accuracy during throwing.

Ideal for Dodgeball!

Designed with a less-dense foam than generic foam activity balls, these balls are softer to the touch and much friendlier than rubber activity balls, making them safer and more appealing for students of all ages when it comes to dodgeball and other bombardment-style games. Less of a sting and a cushioned grip allow students to dole out fast throws and absorb the impact of being hit with a smile on their face at all times!

Because the foam of these balls is designed to absorb energy, less force will be dissipated when a student is struck and, instead, the ball will glance off and return to form. Minimal bounce means they won’t go far, giving opposing players the opportunity to avenge their fallen teammate with a swift throw back across the line! Younger students will appreciate the naturally slower flight path of balls, while older players will enjoy putting more zip on their throws thanks to a sturdy grip.

Start with a traditional game of dodgeball and work your way up to quicker and more complex games, such as Doctor Pin. The team that knocks out all the opposing team's pins win, however players knocked out of the game can be brought back to life by assigned medics (doctor)! Game options are endless with an entire pack of balls behind you.

Rainbow® Coated-Foam Dodgeball Pack Options

Rainbow® Coated-Foam Dodgeball Packs are available in your choice of 2 ball types.


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