Gopher Rainbow® D-Lite™ Balls

D-Lite™ your students with these fun, oversized Rainbow® balls.


Enhance standard activities or create exciting cage ball games with these vibrant, oversized balls. Organize your class easily into teams with this colorful collection, to promote cooperative gameplay on a grand scale! A washable and waterproof nylon fabric cover, complete with large balloon bladder makes it easy to quickly set up games in any environment.

Build Core Skills

The large, yet lightweight design of these balls opens up the potential for critical skill building across all types of games. From rolling to passing, catching to kicking and beyond, students will need to think outside the box to achieve their objectives. Substituting these larger balls into traditional cage ball games means kids need to assess, act, and react to new styles of gameplay by developing and refining improved techniques and strategies.

Keep Gameplay Cooperative

Because they require team participation to move and group strategy during gameplay, these balls are ideal for coaching teamwork. Players will need to actively communicate with each other to achieve goals, while role designation within specific games can help each member feel like a contributing participant. The varied colors of these balls also pave the way for group activities with specific goals, such as relay races or drill competitions.

Scale Any Game

From jumbo soccer to mega bowling and beyond, virtually any cage ball games will benefit from the addition of these oversized balls. Scaling a game brings new challenges, improved gameplay and exciting features that keep it fresh, while adding color elements can increase objectives and opportunities. D-Lite™ comes in a Rainbow® Set of 6. 36" dia each.

CHOKING HAZARD (2). Not for under 8 yrs.

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