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Rainbow® DuraCoat™ Coated-Foam Ball Pack

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Our most durable coated-foam ball pack!

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Unbeatable resilience and the durability to stand up to institutional wear makes these foam balls the gold standard for safe playground equipment for schools. Balls can be used for virtually any activity—from throwing and catching, to kicking and dribbling. Two foam densities enable students to enjoy every activity, no matter their age or skill level.


  • These balls come with our premium DuraCoat™ coating, which covers foam to keep the shape and construction of balls protected from sharp objects or surfaces and keep out moisture, allowing all the balls in this pack to keep a true shape for long-lasting play.
  • Coating doesn’t just protect the foam structure of balls, it also gives students a layer of texture and grip, allowing them better control over balls during throwing and catching, with improved accuracy during throwing.
  • Our DuraCoat™ coating is 50% stronger and has 33% more coating than our standard coat.

The Most Durable Foam Balls

Where generic foam activity balls or unprotected varieties can succumb to moisture, abuse, and age, DuraCoat™ balls are ready to weather every abuse beset upon them, to maintain a superior and sustainable choice! The coating on these balls is tremendously resilient, without compromising the smoothness, softness, or friendliness of the ball’s composure—it’s truly a non-intimidating ball for any age group.

Not only will the DuraCoat™ stand up to idle picking and constant, institutional wear, it’ll also weather the elements to provide you with peace of mind both indoors and out, in any conditions. These balls won’t absorb moisture or contract debris outdoors, meaning better performance and longevity as you rely on them year after year.

To top off their resilience, this pack of balls even comes with a VersaBag™ mesh bag for storage and transportation. The tough, top-quality, small-gauge mesh construction enables teachers to safely carry balls to and from the activity area. Hang the entire bag on a hook in the storage closet for safekeeping and enjoy pristine balls the next time your class activity calls for them. The bag features a secure cord closure with convenient sliding lock. It measures 45"W x 36"L.

Everything You Need

Two densities give you and your class options when it comes to utilizing the right foam balls for the day’s activities. From soccer practice to volleyball and beyond, based on your need for specific ball behaviors, this pack is ready to deliver optimal fun.

Each pack includes:


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