Rainbow® DuraCoat™ Versa™ Coated-Foam Balls

Foam ball with an incredibly durable coating and livelier bounce that’s great for any activity!


Searching for a durable foam ball to develop tracking, throwing, and catching skills in young students? Consider that search complete! The Rainbow® DuraCoat™ Coated-Foam Versa™ Balls are extremely versatile with the same dependable, slightly firmer, medium-bounce construction as our foam Playballs. The extraordinary DuraCoat™ cover makes these foam balls the toughest playball we offer. 

Exceptionally Tough Cover

Our DuraCoat™ coating is 33% thicker than regular coated-foam balls, making ours 50% stronger! The extra coating also makes these playballs pick-proof for years of use! The extra coating makes our playball slightly heavier, but it still has a soft and friendly feel. The additional weight gives students a realistic experience compared to other foam balls while developing ball handling skills.

Develop Skills Early

The size, texture, and firmness of our DuraCoat™ Versa™ Balls make them ideal for early sports activities, such as soccer and volleyball. The medium-bounce foam in our playballs is firmer than our dodgeballs and Squeeze™, but not as dense as our Bounce™ balls. So, the balls will stand up to every bump or spike and every kick or header. For example, the 8.25” dia playball allows students to practice and develop skills with a ball that is similar in size to an official volleyball or soccer ball.

Easy Activity Organization

A combination of shine, brightness, and our vivid Rainbow® colors makes this playball ideal for skill development in young students. The bright colors aid in class organization and drills, allowing teachers to divide students into 6 color-coded groups. Fun Rainbow® colors also help teachers mix up traditional games by adding new, colorful elements.

Rainbow® DuraCoat™ Versa™ Balls Options

Rainbow® DuraCoat™ Versa™ Balls are available in Rainbow® Sets of 6 in 3 sizes.

  • 6.3” dia
  • 7” dia
  • 8.25” dia


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