Rainbow® Medium-Density Fleece Balls

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Build skills in younger students with a non-intimidating fleece ball for PE.

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Introduce a variety of tossing and catching activities with a soft and safe ball. Made with washable, 100% orlon soft yarn, these balls are easy to grasp and throw, making them great younger students.

Develop Introductory Skills

The medium-density design of the ball is friendlier than our premium fleece ball making it a great option for slower-paced play. Students will benefit from the slower flight and play the ball offers compared to foam balls.

Perfect for Beginners

Less intimidating and softer than our premium fleece balls, this ball will quickly become a class-favorite. Designed to be an entry-level ball, younger students will appreciate that it is less intimidating that other balls. You'll be amazed as your students master skills like overhand throwing! Plus, the softness and friendliness is extremely important in adaptive learning situations, making this ball a valuable asset.

Bright Colors

Fun, bright color make this ball even more enticing to young students and encourage skill development and tracking exercises. Rainbow® also help teachers easily and quickly split up a class for activities.

Rainbow® Medium-Density Fleece Balls Options

Rainbow® Medium-Density Fleece Balls are available sets of 6, in 2 sizes.

  • 3" dia
  • 4” dia