Rainbow® Nubz™ Balls


A tactile ball with bumpy knobs and tacky texture is excellent for grasping and catching.

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Stimulate Senses

These flexible yet durable PVC balls feature a soft-touch cover with tactile bumps to stimulate senses, and foster sensory development. The cover also has a sticky feel, providing an extra sensory experience for students.

Designed for Success

The bumpy knobs and tacky texture also help with grip, so students have better control and greater success while throwing and catching the 10" dia ball. Even students with small hands are able to get a hold on the knobs, take aim, toss, and grab!

Bladderless design means you can inflate the ball to adjust the softness, liveliness, and grip of the ball. Start with less air for a softer, slower-moving ball that's easier to squeeze and get a good hold on. As students become more comfortable and experienced, add more air and the ball becomes livelier and faster paced.

Use to teach young students and beginners the basics of throwing and catching. The soft and friendly feel make it less intimidating to students.

The unique design also makes this a great fidget buster for the classroom setting. The light weight and slow flight of the balls make them easier to control and eliminate any threat of damage, while still providing a fun outlet for your students.

Color Coordination

The 6 Rainbow® colors are useful for coordinating teams, groups, skill practice, and more!

For example, divide the class into groups by ball color. Then assign each color a skill. Use the purple ball to work on overhead throwing, and the red to practice underhand tossing. Have the groups use each ball and practice the skill assigned.

To work on target accuracy, have students toss the balls into an upright goal or hoop laying on the floor -- assign one color as the "money ball" and make it worth double the points. The opportunities are endless!