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Rainbow Resilient Encased Foam Balls


Throw it, roll it, or squish it – this durable, uniquely coated colored foam activity ball for PE can take it all!

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Once you touch this foam ball, you will immediately discover its one-of-a-kind strength and unique feel. Distinctively smooth and soft – this is unlike any other foam ball out there.

Superior Durability

Made of a thick polyurethane material, the soft and pliable cover encases the foam ball, protecting it from dust, dirt, and wear. It is also pick- and peel-proof, allowing it to hold up to intense use in institutional settings.

Precise Control

Constructed of premium foam, this ball is squishy and durable. The high-density foam is 30% heavier than our heaviest coated-foam ball, making Resilient truer in flight and easier to grip. The foam’s density allows it to spring back to its original, uniform shape for years and years of high performance.

Excellent Versatility

Use Resilient balls for target, knock-down, and throwing and catching activities. Take aim at pins, cones, goals, and much more. Because of their density and weight, these are not recommended for kicking or contact activities.


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