Rainbow® Low-Bounce Foam Balls

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Our most economical uncoated large foam ball is great for many activities!

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Soft, uncoated-foam balls are perfect for a variety of activities. A lower bounce is great for slower-paced play, especially for beginners.

Designed for Success

The low-bounce design keeps this ball closer to the floor, enhancing the safety for all students since it's not flying through the air. It also slows down the speed of the ball (and therefore the game), providing beginners with a better chance of staying in the game and succeeding. Three sizes help students pick the appropriate-sized ball that will maximize their skill development.

Safe, Durable Design

Soft, friendly foam is lightweight and eliminates the fear of injury that comes from a harder, denser ball. The premium foam construction stands up to the long-term wear and tear that comes with regularly being kicked and thrown in an institutional setting. Its simple design also makes it the most economical uncoated foam ball we have.

Outstanding Versatility

The low-bounce design provides a wide variety of game types young users will enjoy, including rolling and knock-down games. The variety of sizes and colors allows for a greater possibility of games and variations — increase or decrease the difficulty based on the size of the ball. Give older students the 3.5" dia for target games or let students bow with the 8.25" dia.

Rainbow® Low-Bounce Foam Ball Options

Rainbow® Low-Bounce Foam Balls are available in Rainbow® Sets of 6 or individually.

  • 3.5" dia
  • 6.3" dia
  • 8.25" dia