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Screamin' ClassicCoat™ Versa™ Coated-Foam Balls

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Ultra-rugged, medium-density ball provides a higher bounce for faster play.

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Sizzling hot Screamin’ colors are easy to see and catch and add a fun element to any game! You won’t find colors as vibrant and engaging as these anywhere else, and your students won’t be able to keep their hands off of them. These medium-density balls are softer than high-density foam balls and have more bounce than low-density balls, making them perfectly balanced for beginning soccer, volleyball, or activities that benefit from a more lively bounce.

Bright Colors

Fun, bold Screamin’ colors are so energetic that students can’t help but choose them every time! Not only are the colors exciting and engaging, they also make it easy for students to track them while they’re in the air or on the floor, helping them to find more consistent success. Better tracking also allows teachers to see which students may need more help when practicing their mechanics.

Add a twist to any traditional PE game by introducing Screamin’ colors into the fold. Instructors can create special rules around each color, mix up point values, or designate special actions based on colors. Gym class will never be stagnant again and students will love each and every twist on their favorite games when Screamin’ colors are involved!

Firm, Versatile Ball

Because this ball has a medium density, it is extremely versatile. This means you can give your beginning students a foam option for games such as soccer and volleyball, providing a realistic game flow with a softer, friendlier ball option. Its medium density still means the ball will not go all over the court or field, which eliminates frustration for beginning players who are just starting to develop the fundamentals.

Premium Cover

A premium cover keeps the ball’s shape intact and properly performing for years of contact with walls and floors. This is the same coating used on our ClassicCoat™ Coated Foam Balls, making it great for institutional settings. Because of this cover, the student has greater control over the ball in a variety of activities, such as bumping and setting in volleyball. Greater control means better skill development.

Screamin' Versa™ Coated-Foam Ball Options

Screamin' Versa™ Coated-Foam Balls are available in sets of 6, in 3 sizes.

  • Colors
    • Screamin’ Rainbow®
    • Screamin’ Orange®
    • Screamin’ Yellow®
    • Screamin’ Green®
  • Sizes
    • 6.3” dia
    • 7” dia
    • 8.25” dia