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Screamin' ClassicCoat™ SuperSqueeze™ Coated-Foam Balls

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The softest and lightest coated-foam balls, with the highest visibility!

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Incredibly soft, low-density balls can’t be matched when it comes to fun, durability, and performance! Rainbow® Colors and 3 Screamin’ Colors add lots of fun to any game. The balls will never peel crack, or absorb moisture, keeping them looking fresh and new, even against institutional wear.

Brighten Your Class

Bright, dynamic colors make great organizational tools and make it easier for students to track balls as they fly through the air. Better flight tracking via vibrant colors helps instructors see where mechanics can be improved, and give students a real-time, accurate measure of their efforts. But, most importantly, they’re just a lot of fun!

Students will love switching up normal class activities with these extremely bright balls. Teachers can even add color-specific rules and point values to class favorites to keep things fun, fresh, and exciting.

Softer, Friendlier Construction

No-sting foam and our softest foam coat make these balls a non-intimidating option for new and young users, allowing them to get comfortable with tossing and catching games. Premium low-density design gives the user a friendly feel and encourages participation in a wide variety of games. Low-density also means balls will not bounce as much, keeping play controlled and eliminating the need for users to run all over the place to retrieve their ball.

Various sizes help you to take your class’s needs and student sizes into account when ordering. Choose small 5” dia balls for your youngest students for a truly accommodating introduction to toss and catch; give intermediate students larger 6.3” and 7” dia balls to promote more age-appropriate play.

Screamin' SuperSqueeze™ Coated-Foam Ball Options

Screamin' SuperSqueeze™ Coated-Foam Balls are available in sets of 6, in 3 sizes.

  • Colors
    • Screamin’ Rainbow®
    • Screamin’ Orange®
    • Screamin’ Yellow®
    • Screamin’ Green®
  • Sizes
    • 5” dia
    • 6.3” dia
    • 7” dia


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