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Screamin' ClassicCoat Dodgeballs

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Low-bounce, blazing bright balls energize catching, throwing, and dodging.

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Brightly colored, non-intimidating dodgeballs add a fun twist to the game and gets students Screamin' to play! Soft, low-density foam offers consistent performance and allows students to have fun while developing their skills. Premium-coated foam with a sure-grip textured surface retains its shape throughout game after game.

Great Sizes and Colors

Balls come in 4 sizes to cater to your class’s hand sizes, so everyone can play at their own level.

Screamin’ colors enable instructors to mix up traditional games by integrating bright, fun colors. Add color-specific rules to put a spin on class favorites or use these balls to easily divide teams. Colors also make tracking balls easier and game play less intimidating as they fly through the air or zip across the floor.

Premium Coat

An outstanding foam-coat allows balls to withstand all target and invasion style games. The cover also keeps the elements out during outdoor play, prolonging perfect ball shape for years to come. A grippy texture helps users get a better grip during intense game play, promoting better throwing accuracy and improved throwing form.