Standard Beach Balls

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Versatile, lightweight, multicolored balls made with an extra-thick cover.

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Just what you need for teaching volleyball, pool games, or early ball-handling skills! These vinyl beach balls are easy to inflate and supremely durable, providing fun for all ages and in all environments.

Amazing for All Ages

Perfect for all ages and proficiency levels, these beach balls offer all the fun of numerous gameplay styles, without the sting of denser, more textured balls. You can use them with most games or activities, not just in the gym but also in the classroom, to keep kids of all age groups interested and active in games like volleyball, water polo, and even Sparkle Spelling.

Superb for Skill Building

With alleviating sting, kids can catch, throw, and bump their way to success in skill drills and group games, all while still having fun. Bright colors make flight tracking easy, allowing your students to develop the important hand/eye coordination skills used in volleyball, water polo, and more. And, with larger sizes available, these beach balls invite the possibility of teamwork and group participation skills into your class activities.

Light and Durable

A durable Vinyl cover allows you to take these balls nearly anywhere, making them an ideal beach or water ball that’s able to hold up to striking games such as beach volleyball. Despite a lighter weight then our Kowabunga!™ beach balls, these balls are still ready to take every hit without losing shape! These balls are easy to inflate in just seconds: just open the valve and fill with air to get the game going.

Standard Beach Balls Options

Standard Beach Balls are available in a pack of 12, or Sets of 6 in 6 sizes.

Assortment Pack of 12. Includes 2 of each size ball and a storage bag.

Standard Beach Ball Sets

  • 7.5" dia
  • 10" dia
  • 12.5" dia
  • 15" dia
  • 24" dia
  • 30.5" dia